The 78th Street Heritage Farm plan is committed to sustainability

Clark County’s agricultural gem, the 78th Street Heritage Farm, could function more as an agriculture-oriented community park in the future.

For almost four years, the county council struggled with what to do with the 79-acre parcel and how to make it financially viable. The county-owned land is home to the Washington State University Clark County Extension, which offers several on-farm programs including agricultural research, 4-H activities, youth programs, food workshops and business development.

County staff recommend combining agricultural uses of the land with recreational opportunities, said Rocky Houston, who manages the county’s parks and lands department.

β€œIn this alternative, recreational areas would be separated from active agricultural areas by purposeful design, likely involving fencing and landscaping. This alternative proposes the use of a general fund, a Metropolitan Park District fund, improvements to the land lease program, a fee-for-service program, targeted fundraising through Friends of Heritage Farm, and expanded grant opportunities for recreation, agriculture and education,” Houston said . an email dated April 15.