“There is love in my family and my husband loves his children, no DNA needed” – Woman agrees with husband amid paternity fraud controversy

An expressive woman has shared a video of herself in bed with her husband, announcing their amazing sex life and the fact that her husband loves his children and family and does not need a DNA test.

This was a defense against the controversial and trendy topic of spouses checking the paternity of their children in cases of fraud.

So the woman claimed her husband’s unwavering love, regardless of who biologically has her children, and her husband readily agreed.

Viewers have a lot to say about her statement. Read some below,

@AKIN: I feel she set everything up and from the way she talks and forces the man to say no to DNA she is a suspect. The man should check better o

@zenith_tm: For that reason, if I’m the man, I’ll still do DNA

@Oladapomikky1: This man I see needs help. Someone needs to call 911 immediately.

@FineBoyDevv: We have to save this man, he is under arrest

@suraj_dirrr: Funny how adults take out their phones to record what is meant to be private and post it online

@adeewunmii: If there is trust, no DNA is needed

@shewie____: I’m just wondering here why this topic is brought up when there really isn’t anything

@Babajuwon1: He says this woman is feeding his husband. See how he nods his head