India’s Godawan 100 Whiskey named the world’s best single malt | Food News News

The Indian Godawan 100 was named “Single Malt Whiskey of the Year” at the London Spirits Competition 2024, embodying this trend. Born in Rajasthan, it challenges industry norms with its rare Collector’s Edition status and unique flavor profile, while championing conservation efforts for the endangered Great Indian Bustard.

Godawan whiskey wins major international prizes.

India is known as the global hub for whiskey drinkers worldwide, with an average consumption of 2.1 liters according to Statista. But over the years there has been a marked increase in interest in Indian whiskeys over international brands, a trend highlighted at the time Diageo Indias Godawan 100, one some malt whisky, was honored with the esteemed title of “Single Malt Whiskey of the Year” at the renowned London Spirits Competition 2024.

Born in Rajasthan, this whiskey is designed to challenge industry norms and push boundaries in the single malt space. Godawan 100, a rare Collector’s Edition single malt with only 100 bottles, exhibits clear tropical aromas, a smooth taste and a short finish. The sweet taste unfolds with hints of caramel, charcoal, cinnamon and anise, with a dry finish.

Named after the Great Indian Bustard, a beautiful bird that was once abundant in India but is now critically endangered according to the IUCN Red List, Godawan draws attention to this plight. Since there are only about 150 of these majestic birds left in India, they find refuge in Rajasthan. Godawan is committed to promoting conservation, sustainability and responsible consumption, with every purchase supporting the efforts to preserve the habitat of these birds, ensuring their survival and prosperity.