LEGO Fortnite teases massive new content update with animals, farms and more

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<p>LEGO Fortnite teases massive new content update with animals, farms and more</p>
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LEGO Fortnite is getting a huge new update with farms, animal interactions and more.
There’s also a special “May 4” event coming out with Star Wars content.

LEGO Fortnite players will soon be able to tame and interact with animals in the game world. New farming mechanics will also be added to the game soon, so if you’re itching for new content in the sandbox experience, Epic Games is about to drop a bunch of new features into the game. Here’s a quick overview of all the new things coming our way in LEGO Fortnite.

All new features are coming to LEGO Fortnite

Tame and make friends with animals

The free-to-play LEGO Fortnite adds a whole new way to interact with the game’s many creatures. While you can always pet and feed animals for resources, this update lets you take it a step further. Imagine a friendly sheep following you and happily joining your village! The teaser hints at the ability to tame and control animals, making them much more than just passing encounters.

Farms for your LEGO village

This update isn’t just about furry friends. Agriculture is also getting a big boost! The current system of attracting animals with food trails can be tricky, but soon you will be able to create real farms with barns and silos. This makes collecting resources such as eggs, wool and milk much easier and more reliable.

There’s even more to discover in LEGO Fortnite

The Animals and Farming Update is just one part of the exciting world of LEGO Fortnite. Right now you can unlock special Team Avatar cosmetics to celebrate the Fortnite x Avatar: The Last Airbender Elements event. And don’t forget May 4th may be yours as the annual Star Wars event returns with a brand new Chewbacca skin!

LEGO Fortnite combines the established popularity of Lego with Fortnite’s huge player base. Lego offers a well-known, well-regarded brand known for creative play, while Fortnite offers a constantly evolving free-to-play experience. The game has gained a lot of traction with the recent patches.

LEGO Fortnite’s player base saw a decline after its initial launch. However, it still has a strong community and continues to receive updates, suggesting it has found a niche within the Fortnite player base.