Sign Up to Save America – COSAction

Liberty and equal justice under the law can survive or perish in times of peace as well as in times of war, as can be observed in the United States under a Marxist Democratic Party administration.

In the United States, the need for constant citizen vigilance is inadequate, leaving our nation on a weak footing. It is critical to America’s survival that its citizens must be willing to stand up and speak out when the government fails to respect and implement the laws designed to maintain stability within a nation.

The citizens of America have failed. Americans have become apathetic and complacent when things go wrong. Instead of taking time out of their busy lives to confirm, identify and look for solutions to these problems and their causes, they sit back and assume that the next government with someone charismatic will magically intervene and the course will correct.

The Marxist Democratic Party has used this mentality as an opportunity to advance its anti-American, anti-constitutional agenda. After years of apathy toward our Constitution and our Republic, America is being hit hard by its Marxist-Communist ideology, which many believe has placed our Constitutional Republic on its deathbed.

It is not too late to save our great nation and all the freedoms it offers its citizens – but we must act now or it will be too late.

The Convention of States Action movement seeks to bring Americans together to call for the convening of a Convention of States under Article V of the Constitution. We have made great progress, but there is still much more to do if we are to achieve this goal.

We have 19 states on board and need 15 more states to adopt resolutions calling for the convening of a Convention of States.

To achieve this great goal we need your help. We need you to become more committed and involved by volunteering your time and talents to this worthy cause, “to save our Constitutional Republic.”

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the Convention of States Action, its employees or affiliates.