Needing to pee, losing a shoe: 7 highlights from Star Awards 2024, Entertainment News

A lot happened at the 2024 Star Awards last night (April 21), from local celebrities having their chaotic moments to a K-pop idol making a comeback. Here are seven highlights for those who missed it.

Shinee’s Onew is making its comeback in Singapore

What are the chances of a veteran K-pop idol making a comeback in Singapore?

Shinee fans from around the world watched Star Awards 2024 last night for K-pop boy band leader Onew, who made his first public appearance after a 10-month hiatus.

The 34-year-old wowed the crowd on the Walk of Fame red carpet and did some fan service before presenting the Most Popular Rising Stars awards during the ceremony.

He even sang two songs: You Are My Everything from his 2016 K-drama Descendants of the Sun and Your Scent from his first mini-album in 2018.

An overseas fan watching the live streams commented, “Now the Star Awards jingle sounds more to my ears than Ring Ding Dong (Shinee’s hit).”


Xixi Lim runs backstage to receive the award

Comedian-actress Xixi Lim hosted the backstage live interviews when she was announced as one of the winners of the Top 10 Popular Female Artists.

The 36-year-old made a hilarious sprint to the main stage with her personal assistant in tow, holding up the hems of her long dress.

In a post-show interview, Xixi thanked her personal assistant for walking with her to receive the award.

“I was panting when I went on stage. There was a timer in front of me and I wanted to thank all the relevant people, but I was out of breath,” she recalls.

Backstage live host Yan Wei said that Xixi didn’t even realize that she had dropped her mobile phone on the way.

Zhu Houren tries to fix Kym Ng’s off-the-shoulder dress

Was it a wardrobe malfunction? Zhu Houren probably thought so.

As Kym Ng stood up to accept her award for best actress, Houren was seen trying to fasten the belt of her off-the-shoulder dress.

Mediacorp posted a video of the funny moment on Instagram: “When your boomer grandpa doesn’t know what an off-the-shoulder dress is.”

Netizens in the comments section were charmed by Houren’s gesture.

One netizen playfully commented, “Boomer grandpa is a chivalrous gentleman.”

“Protective grandpa. Cute,” said another.

Benjamin Tan loses his shoe on the red carpet

Benjamin Tan had a Cinderella moment on the Walk of Fame.

While walking the red carpet with Daryl-Ann, Cheryl Chou and Tay Ying, he moved to the sidelines to interact with fans when his left shoe immediately came off.

As the women walked away, he ran back to retrieve it.

Dennis Chew has to pee during the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artists

Announcing the ten names for the popularity category can take a long time, and Dennis Chew was desperate to answer nature’s call.

The 50-year-old radio DJ host said during a backstage interview: “When we gave out the awards for the Top 10 Most Popular Artists, I was having a hard time myself.

“Firstly, the toe boxes of my shoes were very narrow, so my feet hurt like crazy, and I actually had to excuse myself for a pee while Zoe Tay was talking.”

Zoe presented the awards together with Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin, and Dennis said that when we play the sequence, we can hear him asking for “number eight, number nine.”

“I really wanted to announce the winners on her behalf,” he added.

Mark Lee’s children attended Shinee’s Onew

Veteran local actor Mark Lee won the Special Achievement Award at the 2024 Star Awards for his extensive and illustrious career.

His family attended the ceremony, but not everyone was there for the 55-year-old.

“My children never came to the Star Awards before, and today my eldest daughter and son are here because Korean superstar Onew is here, not for me,” he said during the backstage interview.

“But the fact that I can win while they see me live is something that makes me very happy.”

When he won the award, Mark said he told his children, “Hard work does not equal success, but to succeed you have to work hard.”

He wants them to know that “the world is your side” if they put in the effort.

Zhang Zetong cries after winning Best Supporting Actor

Zhang Zetong went two for two tonight and won the My Pick! Most Hated Villain and Best Rising Star Awards – when he landed a big one.

The 31-year-old won Best Supporting Actor for his role in All That Glitters, and as soon as Jeanette Aw announced his name, Zetong could be seen holding back tears.

He took a moment to compose himself before giving his acceptance speech, thanking his mother and grandmother and noting, “Acting is really hard!”

As he sobbed, he also thanked the All That Glitters crew for creating the environment that allowed him to get into character, and into his friends and family.

“Thank you for supporting me when I doubted myself,” he told his family, friends and fans.

Prize winners for all categories

Top 10 Hottest Female Artists – Chantalle Ng, Ya Hui, Carrie Wong, He Yingying, Chen Biyu, Tasha Low, Chen Ning, Yvonne Lim, Xixi Lim, Hong Ling

Top 10 Hottest Male Artists – Romeo Tan, Marcus Chin, Jeff Goh, Zhang Yaodong, Pornsak, Desmond Tan, Benjamin Tan, Shaun Chen, James Seah, Jeremy Chan

Best Actress – Kym Ng

Best Actor – Jeremy Chan

Best Supporting Actress – Aileen Tan

Best Supporting Actor – Zhang Zetong

Best Program Presenter – Quan Yi Fong

Special Achievement Award – Mark Lee

Best Rising Star – Yunis To

Most Popular Rising Star – Ayden Sng, Zhang Zetong, Jernelle Oh

Best Audio Personality – Dennis Chew

Favorite Artist of All Time – Jesseca Liu, Ann Kok


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