7 Inspiring Philippine Environmental Heroes | Knowledge channel

Forests cover a third of the Earth’s land mass and are home to more than half of the world’s land-based species of plants and animals. It is also important in preventing extreme climate change and mitigating the impact of storms and floods in our community. So it is our job to take care of the forests and help preserve them for future generations. Here are some Filipino environmental heroes that we and our children can take inspiration from in caring for our environment.

1. Reina Bontuyan – About leaving no traces

Reina started her ecological journey when she discovered mountaineering and eventually transitioned into a full-time mountaineer. For several years she ran the ‘Viajero Outdoor Center’, where she not only sells outdoor recreational equipment, but also offers mountaineering training and forest protection programs. recreational outdoor activities and good outdoor ethics and sustainability. Watch Reina’s journey as she shows you how to preserve the forest while enjoying its beauty!

2. Archie Tulin – On sustainability of forests

After the Philippines was hit by Typhoon Yolanda, Archie dedicated himself to tackling the climate crisis by joining the Non-Timber Forest Products – Exchange Program Philippines or NTFP-EP. Archie is involved in forest conservation initiatives through forest restoration programs and the promotion of non-timber forest products, and works with indigenous communities to conserve the areas they live in and their culture. In this episode, Archie and the NTFP-EP show different ways to help preserve the forest and those who call it home.

3. Anilaw Mansumangka – About reconnecting with nature

Anilaw is part of the Talaandig-Higaonon tribe, an indigenous community living in the remote region of Misamis Oriental and Bukidnon. With the declining interest in indigenous culture among indigenous youth, Anilaw founded the ‘Anak ng Tribu’ to lead the conservation of their culture and nature through activities and programs that help the community reconnect with nature and show them the importance of the forest for their community. culture and livelihood, but to their identity. Watch Anilaw and other Lumad youth strive to reconnect with nature and own their Lumad identity in this episode!

4. Thieza Verdijo – On forest conservation

After many years of volunteering for community work, Thieza found her passion in helping her community and joined the Xavier Science Foundation, where they support and collaborate with local indigenous communities in reforestation efforts and help combat deforestation in the local environment. She chose the road less traveled as a woman and dedicated her life to protecting and conserving forests and supporting the local indigenous communities around the Kalatungan Mountains. Watch Thieza’s journey in this episode!

5. Andres Ignacio – On environmental management

At a young age, Andres became fascinated with science and tried to use it to help manage resources in Bukidnon. Andres is part of the Institute of Environmental Science for Social Change, where they map the forest landscape and provide crucial research data for conservation and conservation initiatives. The maps they create provide visual aids and stories that tell what happened and plan for projects that could happen in the forest. Read more about their efforts in this episode!

6. Zoilo Montebon Jr. – About forest protection

Zoilo is a forest ranger tasked with protecting the Mount Kitanglad Range Nature Park and ensuring that the mountain remains in its original state, untouched and preserved. His field work includes patrolling and monitoring the condition of the forest and providing data for future environmental projects and programs. Forest Ranger patrols prevent illegal logging and animal poaching. Their job ensures that the forest is not entered and is always protected. Watch Zoilo and his team patrol the mountain ranges of Mount Kitanglad in this episode!

7. Shania Yulo – On Environmental Advocacy

Whether climbing mountains or crossing rivers, Shania has found that experiencing nature first-hand is the key to understanding its importance and the need to protect it. At a young age, Shania was exposed to the outdoors, where she learned to appreciate the beauty of nature. She is a photojournalist who captures the beauty of the landscape in her photographs and helps raise awareness and advocate a sense of responsibility to protect the forest for us and generations to come. Join Shania on her journey to discover the beauty of the forest!

These Eco-Heroes have shown us different ways we can help preserve forests. May their stories continue to be an inspiration for the next generation of eco-heroes. For more educational content like this, follow Knowledge Channel on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and Tweet!