Movement for Change can grow into a political party in the future

The founder and leader of the Movement for Change (MFC), and independent presidential candidate supported by the Alliance for Revolutionary Change for the upcoming general elections, Mr. Alan Kyerematen, has clarified the status of the movement.

According to him, the movement can develop into a political party in the future, but for now it remains focused on his independent presidential ambitions for the general elections of December 7, 2024.

The former ruling member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) made the clarification during an interview on Adom TV in Accra on Friday, April 20, 2024.

He explained that while the movement may transition into a political party, its current purpose is to challenge the dominance of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the NPP.

Mr Kyerematen expressed concern over the stagnation of development in the country under the 32-year combined rule of these two political parties.

The former trade minister emphasized that the current political landscape does not adequately reflect the needs of the people, citing his own experiences within the duopoly.

He emphasized the desire for change among Ghanaians, noting that seven out of ten citizens are seeking a change in leadership in the upcoming elections.

Mr Kyerematen criticized the divisive politics that the NDC and the NPP have perpetuated over the years, stating that their dominance will not lead the country forward.

As part of efforts to break this duopoly, he outlined plans to form a national unity government that would include parliamentarians, farmers, businesspeople and other stakeholders. This national unity government aims to represent a broader spectrum of Ghanaian society, he asserted.

Moreover, Mr. Kyerematen mentioned that his movement had formed alliances to strengthen its message and willingness to contest the elections.

He emphasized that this national unity government system, if successful, would become a leading example for Africa.

He said America did it with George Washington as an independent presidential candidate.

He said that after George Washington left office, he warned Americans about the duopoly.