Pepperfry unveils ‘Fashion for Home’ campaign


Pepperfry aims to revolutionize the way we perceive interior styling with its recently launched campaign: Fashion for the home. This innovative campaign aims to interweave personal fashion with home decor by drawing meaningful parallels between the two.

‘Fashion for Home’ focuses on a youthful target group and at the same time captivates a broader mass audience. It draws inspiration from the fashion world to take interior design to a new level of sophistication and style.

At its core, the campaign emphasizes the idea that just as individuals painstakingly curate and style their wardrobes, the same level of attention and creativity can be applied to furnishing and decorating their living spaces. Essentially, accessories are to one’s wardrobe what decor is to a home.

To appeal to a fashion-conscious audience, Pepperfry has teamed up with renowned fashion brand ‘StyleMati’ as its clothing partner. The campaign images feature models wearing beautifully crafted StyleMati clothing, against the backdrop of stylishly decorated Pepperfry homes. This collaboration is proof of ‘Making homes as trendy as you’.

Speaking of the new campaign: Archana K., management, Brand marketing at Gingerbread, said: “We are excited to introduce our new campaign ‘Fashion for Home’, which calls on all fashionistas to style their homes as carefully as they style themselves. At Pepperfry, we strongly believe that a person’s home should reflect their personal style as much as their wardrobe. With ‘Fashion for Home’ we want to inspire individuals to do just that and see their living spaces as an extension of their identity.”

This campaign highlights Pepperfry as a one-stop destination for all your home styling needs, with more than 60,000 options in home decor, lamps and lighting, kitchen and dining and furniture, allowing you to create homes that are as fashionable as you are.

Pepperfry is India’s leading marketplace for furniture and home products, offering customers a comprehensive range of furniture and home products. Known for its steadfast commitment to quality, convenience and innovative solutions in home furnishings, Pepperfry continually sets the industry standard.