‘Politics of hate’: Opposition slams Prime Minister Modi over comments on ‘illegal immigrants’ during election rally | India News

NEW DELHI: The opposition on Monday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his comments on ‘illegal immigrants’ he made during an election rally in Banswara in Rajasthan on Sunday. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said the BJP was trying to “distract from real issues”, while Shiv Sena (UBT) leader Sanjay Raut said Prime Minister Modi had become “disillusioned”.

Prime Minister Modi, while addressing a rally in Banswara, had claimed that the Congress party is planning to provide people’s hard-earned money and our women’s gold to ‘those who have more children’ and wondered whether this is acceptable or not for the public.

“The Congress manifesto says it will calculate the gold owned by our mothers and sisters, collect information and then distribute it to those… who former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had said had the first right to the country’s wealth ”, said the Prime Minister. .

“When they (Congress) were in government, they said that Muslims have the first right to India’s resources. So they will distribute this wealth (property and gold) to those who have more children, to illegal immigrants… this Urban Naxal thinking I will not even spare your Mangalsutra,” the Prime Minister added.

‘Technique to distract from real problems’

“Unemployment and inflation are at their peak in the country and Narendra Modi says ‘all is well’,” former Congress leader Rahul tweeted on Monday, sharing the Congress’s latest ad highlighting rising costs and unemployment emphasizes.

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Gandhi wrote in Hindi about

‘Politics has stooped to a level never before in history’

Rajya Sabha MP and senior advocate Kapil Sibal wondered whether the 20 crore people in the country matter to the Prime Minister. He also urged the Election Commission of India to issue a notice to the Prime Minister for his comments.

“You (PM Modi) are giving a speech that Congress will give the women’s property to infiltrators and terrorists. Are 20 crore people not important to him? Do they have no ambition whatsoever? Politics has stooped to such a level and it has not happened in history and I don’t want it to happen. I would like to ask the Election Commission why immediate action was not taken. You (EC) should condemn this and a notice should be given to Prime Minister Modi. Sibal said at a press conference.

‘Completely disillusioned’

Shiv Sena (UBT) leader Sanjay Raut also slammed Prime Minister Modi’s comment that he has become ‘completely disillusioned’ and claimed that he is going to lose the elections.

“He even talked about mangalsutra (the sacred thread that women wear around the neck). It means he is completely disillusioned and will lose these elections,” Raut said.

“The possibility of electoral losses bothers him, and that’s why such language … how can individuals with a certain number of children be a campaign problem?” he added.

‘Conspiracy to destroy Babasaheb Ambedkar’s constitution’

Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh said the Prime Minister is speaking about the world in a ‘poisonous language’. He also questioned the government about the census, claiming it was an attempt to destroy the constitution.

“The Prime Minister speaks in toxic language on a lot of issues. He would also have to answer a simple question: a census has been conducted every ten years since 1951. This reveals the factual data of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe population. This should have been done in 2021, but has not been done yet. Why is the Prime Minister silent about this?”, he said in a message on X (formerly Twitter).

‘Prime Minister must stop hate politics’

Former Bihar Deputy Prime Minister Tejashwi Yadav also slammed Prime Minister Modi for his comments and asked the Prime Minister to discuss the country’s key issues and leave the ‘politics of hate’.

“The most important issues need to be discussed. The progress and development of Bihar needs to be discussed. The Prime Minister must stop the politics of hate and discuss big issues. Youth, businessmen, farmers, women and every section of the nation are facing the same problems, i.e., poverty, inflation, unemployment and bad economy,” the RJD leader said.

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