Migrants, Piantedosi announces crackdown on tourist visas

Matteo Piantedosi returns from the Mediterranean Interior Ministers Summit, which this time took place in the Canary Islands, the Spanish islands through which currently pass the most frequented route for migrants wanting to enter Europe. In Italy, the flow from Tunisia has decreased, but certainly not stopped, nor has that from the border to the East, while there is a constant increase in the inflow from Bangladesh. “The inspections – the minister noted in an interview with the ‘Messaggero’ – have proven profitable on a particularly sensitive route. From October 21, 2023 to today, 2,613 irregular aliens have been traced, of which 1,542 have been rejected. 142 nationals were arrested, 73 of whom were charged with aiding and abetting illegal immigration. We are working with Slovenia and Croatia to jointly strengthen control at the external border with Bosnia. We will restore free movement as soon as possible.” Meanwhile, the number of arrivals from Italy is increasing Bangladesh: “Economic migrants come from that country and benefit from tourist visas obtained in some transit countries. We are working with the latter to put a stop to this dynamic.”

The opposition accuses him of lying to the Senate about the Mare Jonio. The images show that the coast guard A Libyan ship opened fire on the Mediterranea ship: “The accusations represent a mystification of the facts that, on the contrary, I reported on the basis of official documents from the competent authorities. It is worrying that political conflict over an issue as important as immigration is leading some to take dangerous and exploitative actions or to support seriously false positions.” Piantedosi also focuses on last week’s visit to the Prime Minister Meloni in Tunis, which ‘represents the continuation of a collaboration that is proving to be profitable and strategic. Italy and Tunisia are separated by just a short stretch of sea and share an ancient history. The two countries are mutually important to each other and I believe it was a mistake of the past to have neglected this for too long. I trust that the positive data from these first months of cooperation can also bode well for the months to come.”

Said cooperates: “The president is steering his country towards an important friendship with Italy. Tunisia is suffering the consequences of the criminal activities of unscrupulous traffickers on its territory and has agreed to tackle the problem together with us and with Europe. He shares with us a vision of total rejection of the humanitarian disasters and tragedies caused by human trafficking.” Salvini and the League rejected the EU pact on migrants: “Il Government – the minister notes in this context – had to conduct negotiations and mediation between 27 countries with different sensitivities. We have therefore accepted a point of balance and the regulatory framework is now more favorable to Italy. The possibility that the individual political forces of the different countries had, which could vote for individual points on the different regulations that make up the regulations, was different,” concludes Piantedosi.

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