Recruiter launches training program for talented pioneers

HR and recruitment agency Gi Group has launched a new training program called Future Leaders, as the organization focuses on retaining, nurturing and developing its management team from within.

The company, which has a base in every city in the Midlands, has identified 15 of its highest-performing, high-potential team members and 30 executive leaders from across the business to embark on the programme. Spread over 14 months, the initiative is designed to enhance their leadership skills and advancement within Gi Group.

This comes at a time when employee retention is becoming increasingly difficult, with a reported 70% of UK workers planning to find a new job by 2024.

Group head of learning & development at Gi Group, Emma-Louise Taylor, who has been part of the organization for 19 years, said: “As a recruiter we often see companies create a comfortable middle ground for employees – they have outgrown the lower level. Still, moving to the C-suite can be a big leap, sometimes with no real path mapped out. This is when companies will start to see movement as employees look for advancement outside the company.”

She added: “One of the key ways to tackle this is to create a culture of career development and invest in specific management training. This is an approach we live and breathe at Gi Group, with our latest ‘Future Leaders’ program as just one example.

“By recognizing our rising stars and supporting them with the right training, we know they have the tools to thrive within the company, and we can’t wait to support them every step of the way. And as a company, we are also improving our succession planning and increasing our collaboration, alignment and overall success.

“At Gi Group we approach training as an ongoing development, and not as a one-off event. To make a real difference, regular long-term investments are needed. Each team member has different goals and different responses to success and failure, which is why a tailored program is essential.

“From training and resources to culture, benefits and initiatives, at Gi Group we pride ourselves on looking at all aspects of the business to advance our teams.”

Gi Group UK is headquartered in Chesterfield in the Midlands. The company employs more than 500 people.