Hania Aamir’s video with Indian singer Badshah is creating controversy among fans

Pakistani actress Hania Aamir faced controversy after her public interaction with Indian singer Badshah during a cricket match in Dubai.

Their shared moments at the event, captured and shared on Instagram, led to speculation about the nature of their relationship, especially given their previous social media posts.

Badshah’s rendition of the iconic Pakistani song ‘Kala Jora’ for Hania during the meeting further fueled the speculation.

Although their cordial exchange appeared amicable, it drew disapproval from some fans in both Pakistan and India.

Badshah was particularly criticized for his association with Hania, with fans expressing their disappointment and urging her to reconsider her relationship with the Indian singer.

Amid the backlash, calls for boycotting Hania’s work and supporting alternative celebrities emerged on social media.

This incident highlights the complexity of cross-border relationships in the entertainment industry and the influence of public figures on societal perceptions.

Despite their intentions, Hania and Badshah’s interaction reignited discussions on cultural diplomacy and the role of celebrities in shaping public opinion.