Sports Illustrated model leaves California amid spiraling crime and homelessness crisis, tells Newsom to ‘take a seat’

A Sports Illustrated model is moving her family from California due to the state’s spiraling crime and homelessness crisis.

Former Sports Illustrated model Kristen Louelle Gaffney and her husband, former NFL running back Tyler Gaffney, are moving their family to Nashville, Tennessee. The husband and wife were both born and raised in California, but living conditions have become so unbearable that they felt the need to migrate to Nashville for the sake of their three children.

Gaffney said the current state of California is “shameful” and “sad.”

“I mean, we already have the highest taxes, we should maybe have the nicest state, the cleanest state,” she said on “Jesse Watters Primetime.” “But instead we have the number one homeless problem in America.”

She added: “We are constantly giving. What more do you want from us?’

Earlier this month, a state audit found that California has spent $24 billion over the past five years to combat homelessness, but has not consistently assessed whether the massive expenditures of public money have actually done anything to improve the problem.

California Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher blamed the Newsom administration.

“This is standard Gavin Newsom – making a splashy announcement, wasting a bunch of taxpayer money and not delivering at all,” Gallagher told Fox News. “Californians are tired of the homelessness crisis, and even more tired of Gavin’s excuses. We need results – period, period.”

Gaffney noted that San Diego no longer feels safe.

“You know, you come to California to – it’s the City of Dreams, the State of Dreams, right? You think I can achieve everything here, but it no longer feels safe. I don’t feel safe when I go to the supermarket. “I don’t go anywhere, especially in metropolitan areas, without my husband with me, and I certainly don’t take my children into the city limits,” she said.

Even Karen Bass – the progressive Democratic mayor of Los Angeles – is not immune to rampant crime. Her home was burglarized early Sunday morning. This is the second time Bass’ home has been burglarized in three years.

When asked what she would say to California Governor Gavin Newsom, Gaffney replied: “Sit down buddy, it’s time to let someone else come in and clean up the state you supposedly love.”

She said Newsom is “bumbling again and again” in his administration of California.

Gaffney promised not to bring any Democratic politics to the red state of Tennessee.

An analysis of Internal Revenue Service statistics found that California had lost the most income tax revenue in 2021 due to the mass exodus from the state. The study found that California lost approximately $340 million in IRS tax revenue in 2021.

Numerous celebrities have left California in recent years, including Angelina Jolie, Joe Rogan, Sylvester Stallone, Mark Wahlberg and Scott Baio.

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Sports Illustrated model no longer dreams of California: ‘No longer feels safe’