Javier González Olechea | The chancellor after lifting the visa requirement for Mexicans: “This was so as not to affect tourism” | Ministry of Foreign Affairs | Mexico | Visa

Gonzalez Olechea explained the reasons for revoking the decision to apply for a visa for Mexicans. Photo: LR/Andina Genesis

Foreign Minister Javier González Olechea spoke after controversy over the resolution aimed at limiting visa requirements for Mexicans, which was a response to what Mexico imposed on Peruvians on its territory. The advisor confirmed that after the evaluation it was decided to lift this condition because it would seriously affect tourism and therefore the Peruvian economy.

First of all, González Olechea re-stated what he had already described as the initial response: that the decision to allow Mexican citizens to apply for a visa was based on the principle of reciprocity, since this is what the entire Ministry of Foreign Affairs would do. As mentioned. In the same vein, he noted that, after reviewing the procedure, they had chosen to abolish this requirement.

“Later, we made a second assessment to see if there was any response from Mexico, and we issued the second statement that put the interests of the Peruvians first. For or without consequences for tourism “Mexicans in Peru,” the Progressive Socialist Party minister said, pointing to a time when Mexico complained it had violated international law over the Ecuadorian raid on its embassy.

Likewise, the Chancellor confirmed that the situation with Mexico and the arrival of its embassy in Ecuador were exploited to issue the second statement, announcing the aforementioned cancellation. Moreover, he noted that the Pacific Alliance agreement will continue to be respected in this regard.

Mexico postpones visa applications for Peruvian citizens until May 6

The government of Mexico has decided to postpone the introduction of visa requirements for Peruvian citizens who plan to visit the country for tourism purposes. The measure was originally scheduled to take effect on April 20, but will now take effect on Monday, May 6.

This postponement is the result of the need to ensure proper preparation and implementation of the agreement. As stated in a statement published in the Union Official Gazette, more time is needed to improve the operational details regarding this new policy.

How do I get a visa for Mexico from Peru?

To obtain a Mexican visa from Peru, you must meet these requirements:

  1. Schedule a free appointment via the MY CONSULATE web portal
  2. Complete the downloadable visa form here
  3. Submit the original passport with a copy of it
  4. Provide a photo of 4.0 x 4.5 cm with white background, without lenses and matte finish
  5. If you are not a Peruvian citizen, present your migration card or a printed Andean Virtual Migration Card as proof of legal residence.
  6. On the day of your appointment, you will pay a total fee of $53. Peruvian nationals wishing to visit Mexico are advised to apply for a visa at least five weeks before their travel date. It is also advisable to only make travel-related payments after obtaining the visa.