BJP’s candidate from Hyderabad, Madhavi Latha, booked for hurting religious sentiments – Republic World

BJP’s Madhavi Latha during campaign in Hyderabad | Image:

Hyderabad: An FIR has been registered against Hyderabad’s BJP candidate K Madhavi Latha following a complaint that she had hurt the sentiments of the Muslim community by gesturing to shoot an arrow at a place of worship, police said on Monday, April 22 .

The complaint, Shayk Imran, alleged that Madhavi Latha made a gesture by drawing an arrow and fired it at the place of worship during a Ram Navami procession on April 17, thereby hurting the sentiments of the Muslim community, police said on Sunday. The case was registered on April 20 under Section 295-A (intentional and malicious acts intended to outrage religious sentiments of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs) of the Indian Penal Code, they said .

“We have filed a complaint at Begum Bazar police station. The SHO took quick action after seeing the video and assured us that action would be taken on it. I got a message that she has been booked under section 295 A and there is a special investigation team. is set up for the same…” said Shaik Imran.

Madhavi Latha hits back

An alleged video of the incident was widely circulated on social media last week, which the BJP leader called incomplete. “The video was of Ram Navami. We worship Lord Ram with ‘Ram Baan’. We prayed to Lord Ram. Where did the mosque come from? Asaduddin Owaisi is an expert in giving provocative speeches and has now started making provocative videos,” Latha said as the video went viral.

After the FIR was registered, the BJP leader called it ridiculous. “On the occasion of Ram Navami… for a dhanush that didn’t exist, for the tar (arrow) that didn’t exist, and for the reaction of the tar coming out and not being there, they made a fake video of me. ..They made an allegation and registered an FIR… One man said that I have provoked the Muslims and I have jointly tried to provoke the Muslims. I would say it is a festival moment,” said BJP candidate Madhavi Latha.

You cross a certain road and on my mobile phone and on other mobile phones where this act was committed, the mosque was not on the screen… This is ridiculous. If I was against Muslims, why would I participate in Hazrat Ali Saab ka Juloos which took place on Ramzan? I have distributed food to many people with my own hand,” she added. Latha is contesting against AIMIM’s Asaduddin Owaisi in the Lok Sabha elections from the Hyderabad seat.