The Russian military has lost more than a hundred aircraft since the start of the war in Ukraine – AMP

According to the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain, the occupying army of the Russian Federation has lost more than a hundred aircraft since the start of the criminal war unleashed by the Kremlin against Ukraine.

What is known about the numerous aviation losses of the Russian army

The British Ministry of Defense noted that the destruction of the Russian army’s Tu-22M3 supersonic bomber is likely another success of the Ukrainian army.

This is the first time a strategic bomber was shot down by Ukrainian air defense systems. It is very likely that Russia has already lost at least a hundred aircraft, the British Ministry of Defense emphasizes.

What kind of missile could Ukraine use to shoot down the Tu-22M3?

According to the reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, military expert Roman Svitan on Channel 24, it is unlikely that the S-200 air defense system could have intercepted the Russian bomber at a distance of more than 300 km from the border with Ukraine.

Svitan noted that the missile that shot down the plane was most likely modernized.

The actual range of the S-200 missile is about 250 kilometers, the technical range is 300 kilometers. At a greater distance it simply falls to the ground.

The rocket could be modernized by increasing the power of powder accelerators – these are 4 “mini rockets” that lift and accelerate the S-200. If they were strengthened, which is possible, another 50-70 kilometers could be added to the weapon, the analyst suggests.

But the main thing is that the ship is destroyed, one of the crew members, probably the commander, died, three others were injured.

It will take a long time to recover such a crew. Retraining people is long and expensive, because it is a heavy 100-ton aircraft. Just to spend enough flying hours in the air requires 50 tons of aviation fuel – this is very expensive – Svitan explains.