Globe promotes sustainable telecommunications with energy-efficient network strategies

GLOBE has applied advanced technologies and innovative strategies to build a sustainable and highly efficient mobile and fixed network ecosystem, effectively minimizing energy consumption, operational costs and environmental impact.

These initiatives are an integral part of Globe’s ambition to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, and highlight the company’s commitment to combating climate change.

“We are pleased to strengthen our alliance with internal and external partners and adopt next-generation solutions. It is a crucial step for the green transformation of our network, aiming for net-zero emissions. This implementation will deliver significant energy cost savings while continuing our commitment to an excellent customer experience,” said Joel Agustin, SVP and Head of Network Planning and Engineering at Globe.

Globe’s multiple strategies not only focus on saving power and energy, but also ensure top network performance and a seamless user experience. These solutions include:

* Advanced BTS energy saving techniques: Globe has implemented intelligent energy saving strategies on its Base Transceiver Stations (BTS), including automatic shutdown during low traffic periods and the application of advanced energy saving methods to optimize energy consumption without compromising network performance.

* AI/ML-powered power management: Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), Globe predicts network usage and fine-tunes power amplifier operation, achieving a perfect balance between power consumption and network efficiency.

* Modernization for Sustainability: Globe is leading the way in replacing outdated hardware with next-generation energy-efficient alternatives, marking a new era of environmental consciousness in the industry.

* Streamlining Resources: The company is improving the agility and operational excellence of its network by retiring inactive and outdated equipment to reduce excess energy consumption.

* Data Analytics and Crowdsourcing: Globe uses data analytics and crowdsourcing to identify areas of optimization, reducing the need for physical drive testing while emphasizing its commitment to sustainable practices.

These initiatives demonstrate not only Globe’s leadership in the telecom sector, but also its commitment to a greener, smarter future while ensuring optimal performance and uninterrupted service for its customers.

Globe’s holistic approach to sustainability and operational efficiency is a testament to its role as a pioneer in the industry’s shift towards more sustainable and advanced telecom landscapes.

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