The Home Office must put children first as sex trafficking survivors fear deportation

Nothing symbolizes the Tory government’s tough stance more than its approach to asylum and immigration.

Ministers have deliberately created a “hostile environment” for people fleeing persecution and wanting a better life. The so-called ‘go home’ vans of a decade ago were a clear attempt to intimidate people at their most vulnerable.

The failed policy of sending people to Rwanda is the latest example of the government’s heartless approach. Our story today about sex trafficking victim Claudia is a new low for the government.

Claudia says there is clear evidence that police in her native Cameroon issued warrants for her after her father was arrested as an opponent of the government. She has also been “definitively” designated as a victim of human trafficking by the Ministry of the Interior, but is afraid she will be deported to Rwanda.

This is despite the fact that her five-year-old daughter is Scottish and goes to school here. She said: “I find it terrifying that we could be sent to Rwanda or Cameroon where we would be in serious danger. I just want to raise my child in her home country of Scotland.”

Claudia is a victim who should be treated with compassion, but instead she lives in fear. The Home Office must reconsider its approach in these cases and put the needs of children first.

Deportation in this case would be a shame and a stain on Britain’s reputation. Westminster needs a complete reset on social and economic policy, but the same goes for asylum and immigration.