Guangzhou International Leatherware Sourcing Festival – that’s Guangzhou

On April 18, the opening ceremony of the Guangzhou International Leatherware Sourcing Festival, with the theme ‘SHAPE THE FUTURE 2024’, began at the Oriental Resort Guangzhou, known as the ‘Diaoyutai State Guesthouse of South China’.


The Sourcing Festival, led and supported by various government agencies, including the China Leather Industry Association, the CCPIT Guangzhou Committee, the Guangzhou Municipal Commerce Bureau, the People’s Government of Baiyun District and the Sanyuanli Sub-district Office, together with widespread attention from industry associations and the public, was successfully inaugurated by Zhonggang Leatherware Mall.

As a core project of Yuexiu Group, aimed at leading the transformation of China’s leather goods industry and strategically positioned in the professional market, Zhonggang Leatherware Mall, with the support of Yuexiu Property and Yuexiu Commercial’s diverse ecosystem, is continuously evolving to keep pace to keep up with the times. The Guangzhou International Leatherware Sourcing Festival runs until May 5, offering global buyers a range of cross-border themed activities. It integrates high-quality resources from the Greater Bay Area’s leather goods industry cluster, focusing on keywords such as “original design,” “brand globalization,” “global matchmaking,” “foreign market services,” and “cross-border e-commerce.” The festival presents a “1+N” event matrix (one opening ceremony plus multiple themed activities), with highlights including the “Profusion” fashion show by Deng Zhaoping and Zhonggang’s original designers, innovative cross-border e-commerce projects, a showcase of The Renowned Zhonggang products, supply chain matchmaking and market access assistance for foreign traders. With a vision to expand influence, lead trends, foster collaboration and enable growth, this festival sets the stage for brands and supply chains to shine on the global platform.



Focus on original design: enabling brand growth

As a designated “National Intellectual Property Protection Standardization Market” under the guidance of the China Leather Industry Association, Zhonggang Leatherware Mall has once again been awarded the prestigious title of “China Five-star Specialized Market”. Zhonggang leads the development of new productive forces in the industry through original design, and strives to build an international, professional and brand center for China’s fashion-conscious leather goods. To date, Zhonggang Leatherware Mall has achieved 100% trademark registration, obtained numerous design patent certificates, and granted the title of original brand to more than 100 influential merchants.


At the opening ceremony of the Guangzhou International Leatherware Sourcing Festival, the original creative force of Zhonggang Leatherware Mall was revived. Attended by nearly 260 representatives from major Guangzhou leather goods companies, cross-border e-commerce platforms, strategic partners and domestic and international buyers, Zhonggang original designers such as Muzi Li, Sweet Rose, Malinsu and K·Z, in collaboration with GC Design, presented a new collection show. The event concluded with another remarkable show ‘Profusion’, curated by Deng Zhaoping, winner of the China Fashion Design Top Award, a promoter of China’s intangible cultural heritage, and a member of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference for the 13th and 14th sessions, and the chairman of the Guangzhou Fashion Designers Association, together with Zhonggang’s original designer brands, SHES NOT ME and “Wuxuzhixu”. Inspired by the natural rhythm of life and the passage of time, the collection captures the ephemeral beauty of flowers in full bloom, using a soft and gentle color palette to evoke the essence of spring. This not only demonstrated the seamless integration of leather goods and clothing, but also highlighted the creative vitality and commercial potential of Chinese designers.



Embracing digitalization: enabling sellers to reach global markets

The rapid expansion, broad impact and profound influence of the digital economy are unprecedented. In this landscape, cross-border e-commerce is emerging as a dynamic new business model, with a particularly strong growth trajectory in recent years. 2023 data shows that China’s cross-border e-commerce trade volume has risen to RMB 2.38 trillion, representing a growth of 15.6% and an increasing share of total foreign trade. It is clear that cross-border e-commerce platforms are crucial for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to expand their global market reach and promote innovative international business practices.


At the opening ceremony of the Guangzhou International Leatherware Sourcing Festival, Yang Hui, General Manager of Yuexiu Property Digital Intelligence Development Center, delivered a keynote on “Technology-empowered, world-oriented fashion pacesetter” and officially announced the launch of the “Yuexiu Zhonggang cross-border innovation project .” This initiative uses AI exhibitions, financial security measures and smart logistics technologies to overcome temporal and spatial barriers and connect the ecology of people, goods and markets. This move is not only a response to Guangdong’s ‘Contontrades’ initiative and Guangzhou’s implementation of national policies integrating domestic and foreign trade, but also a crucial step by Zhonggang Leatherware Mall in helping foreign trade enterprises to ‘secure orders and stabilize foreign trade’. The cross-border e-commerce platform built by Zhonggang Leatherware Mall adopts an ecosystem model that emphasizes the synergy of online and offline channels, integrating multiple business scenarios such as storefronts, exhibitions, promotions, live broadcasts and after-sales services, providing sellers with comprehensive support product display, traffic acquisition, transaction closing and user retention. This creates new opportunities for merchants to develop globally and builds a bridge for Zhonggang’s products to reach the world.


Looking ahead: nurturing industrial clusters, building global brands

As the saying goes, “a collection of talents creates extraordinary things.” Zhonggang Leatherware Mall adheres to the philosophy of “stimulating creativity, encouraging transformation and promoting quality” and actively cultivates an ecosystem of leather goods industry clusters. The mall gathers excellent talents, focuses on original design and integrates upstream and downstream resources, providing an effective platform for industry cooperation, talent exchange, technological innovation and brand promotion. Through continuous exploration and innovation, Zhonggang Leatherware Mall is committed to shaping the future, leading the transformation and modernization of the leather goods industry, and building an internationally renowned leather goods trading platform.


In the future, Zhonggang Leatherware Mall will continue to deepen cooperation with global partners, expand market influence and strive to become a world-class fashion landmark, leading the sustainable development of the leather goods industry. Let’s join hands and shape the future together!


(All images courtesy of Yuexiu Commercial)