Woman from Karnataka claims she was raped by a man in front of her wife, forcing her to undergo religious conversion

Bangalore: In a shocking incident, a couple in Karnataka allegedly blackmailed a 28-year-old woman by using her explicit photos and forced her to convert to Islam and wear a burqa after the victim was raped by the man in front of the woman, police officials said.

The suspect, identified as Rafik, allegedly forced the woman to remove the ‘kumkum’ from her forehead. He cheated on the woman and allegedly engaged in sexual activity with her. According to police officials, the woman was forced to move into the couple’s home in 2023 and was asked to comply with their demands. According to the woman’s complaint, the man had raped her in front of his wife last year.

The couple allegedly forced the woman to stop wearing kumkum since April and instead offered namaz five times a day while wearing a burqa, media reports said, citing a senior police official. The woman was also subjected to abuse based on her caste after she was told to convert because she came from a backward caste.

According to the woman’s complaint, Rafik had asked the woman to leave her husband and convert. They allegedly threatened to kill her and leak her intimate photos if she did not comply.

An FIR has been lodged against seven people in Saundatti in connection with the case under the SC/ST Act, relevant provisions of the IT Act and the Karnataka Protection of Right to Freedom of Religion Act.