Former paramilitary sentenced to 25 years and 8 months in prison for murdering three Kankuamos in Valledupar

Elkin José Bermúdez Guerra, alias Turbo, was sentenced by a Valledupar criminal judge to 25 years and eight months in prison for participating in the murder of three indigenous kankamos on October 16, 2003. The incident took place in the rural area of ​​Valledupar; this criminal was part of a paramilitary structure at the time.

After the material evidence collected by a prosecutor from the Specialized Directorate against Human Rights Violations and presented to a judge, it was shown that Bermúdez, in the company of other former members of the Northern Bloc of the extinct United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, They arrived at a plot and intimidated, tied him up, wounded him with a knife and shot him with firearms. to Ernesto Feliciano Maestre Arias. Then they reached other areas and ended the lives of Pedro Nicanor Arias and Francisco Escobar Montero.

According to the Public Prosecution Service These crimes were consistent with a pattern of random violence promoted by paramilitary structures against the indigenous population of Kankuamo.

Alias ​​​​Turbo accepted responsibility for the events and must answer for the crime of murder of a protected personIn addition, a fine worth 5,500 current legal minimum monthly wages was imposed. His sentence was imposed in accordance with the provisions of Act 600 of 2000 (former accusatory penal system).