DoorDash driver confronts customer for ‘lying’ about not receiving order

DoorDash driver confronts customer for 'lying' about not receiving order

Featured image credits: TikTok/@jadecharde

The DoorDash driver took a video to document the awkward moment

While you might think that being a delivery driver would be a fairly easy job, that’s far from the case.

The obvious problem with DoorDash is tipping – something that is extremely divisive no matter what industry you’re in.

One driver refused to deliver the order on nine steps after receiving only one tip, while another threw a customer’s order on the floor for not leaving a tip.

The delivery service has even issued a warning to customers who choose not to leave a tip.

There are a lot of complications with any job, and with DoorDash, sometimes people can claim their food wasn’t delivered when in reality it was.

Yes, sometimes food doesn’t show up, whether it’s because it was delivered to the wrong address or because the driver ate it.

However, some people claim that the food has not arrived, when in fact it has.

Usually this is done in the hopes of getting a refund and essentially getting the meal for free.

And a DoorDash driver posted a TikTok showing how he dealt with someone who “lied” about not receiving his order.

The video shows the driver walking to a door, with a number of bags standing right in front of it.

The DoorDash driver was not happy.  (TikTok/@jadecharde)

The DoorDash driver was not happy. (TikTok/@jadecharde)

They explain that the person in the flat claims he has not received his order, even though he is clearly sitting outside in the hallway.

The driver knocks on the door and confronts the customer with his claim.

She explains that she has already received a ‘violation’ on the app, which could mean she will be blocked if this happens too often.

The customer said they did not know the food had been delivered and claimed they had been asleep.

In response, the driver explained that the violation had already occurred, but that if the customer was prompted again by DoorDash, he would have to tell the company that the order had been delivered.

People had a lot of thoughts about the video and used the comments to share their thoughts.

One questioned why the customer hadn’t checked the door before claiming the food hadn’t arrived, writing: “I don’t understand…why wouldn’t you check your door first before reporting…was that’s not there? I don’t.” I do not get it.”

The driver accused the customer of 'lying'.  (TikTok/@jadecharde)

The driver accused the customer of ‘lying’. (TikTok/@jadecharde)

Another said better verification would help, noting, “They need a better way to confirm these disputes bydash & instacart I saw a girl lose her job at Instacart two weeks ago.”

A third pointed out that something similar had happened to them, where they didn’t know their order had arrived.

They posted: “This happened to me, they didn’t even knock or call or even let me know it’s on the ground outside, they just said it was delivered, at least knocked on the door!”

One person even suggested that customers should also be given ‘violations’, for example if they place orders and then abandon them, or falsely claim they have arrived.

UNILAD previously contacted DoorDash for comment.

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