Americans support Trump’s mass deportation plan for illegal immigrants

According to a new one Axios vibes survey The Harris Opinion pollMore and more Americans are coming around to Donald Trump’s plan to enforce the largest mass deportation of illegal immigrants in US history.

Trump repeatedly promised during his campaign to carry out the largest deportation in history.

According to the poll, half of Americans – including 42% of Democrats – support Trump on this issue. And 30% of Democrats – as well as 46% of Republicans – now say they will end birthright

By Axios:

Americans are receptive to former President Trump’s toughest immigration plans, fueled by a record wave of illegal border crossings and a brutal messaging war waged by Republicans.

President Biden is well aware that the crisis threatens his re-election. He has tried to flip the script by accusing Trump of sabotaging Congress’ most conservative bipartisan immigration bill in decades.

But when it comes to blame, Biden has so far failed to change the narrative, with 32% of respondents saying his administration is “most responsible” for the crisis, surpassing all other political or structural factors.

Amid record numbers of border crossings, nearly two-thirds of Americans said illegal immigration is a real crisis, not a politically driven media story.

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