Florida man shoots dog in the face after threatening family, including children – Crime Online

A Florida man was charged with aggravated animal cruelty after he was seen on video shooting a dog in the face during an argument over his alleged infidelity.

Lee County sheriff’s deputies were called when Farhad Deiham, 41, threatened to kill everyone in the home, including two children, the sheriff’s office said.

When they arrived, officers searched the home and found Louie the pit bull hiding behind a couch and bleeding from the neck and face. The dog did not show any aggression and was taken to Blue Pearl Pet Hospital for treatment.

The dog appeared at a news conference earlier this week and was given a “puppy cake” to celebrate his new birthday, Sheriff Carmine Marceno said.

Marceno said Deiham will be placed on the province’s animal cruelty registry for five years if convicted.

“He did one thing, right? He’s an asshole,” Marceno said. “After being in a relationship for thirteen years, that is the only thing he is committed to. He didn’t commit to his relationship because he cheated and now he shoots a dog.

The two children have also been removed from the home and are now being cared for by relatives. The Department of Children and Families is investigating.

Louie is now in the care of Lee County Domestic Animal Services.

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(Featured image: Louie/Lee County Sheriff’s Office)