Ogilvy launches marketing offering for health influencers

Ogilvy has launched a suite of global influencer marketing services called Health Influence.

Health Influence’s offering combines Ogilvy PR’s global influencer team with experts from Ogilvy Health. The portfolio of services is designed to bridge the gap between medical expertise and public awareness by providing pharmaceutical, healthcare and wellness brands with specialist-level access to the influencer economy, the agency said in a statement.

The new services are the result of an increasing number of patient and healthcare provider communities relying on social media platforms for health information. Recent data from Ogilvy Research and Intelligence shows that 70% of people report following or searching for health-related social media accounts, or having learned about health or medical issues through social media accounts.

The Caravan study, conducted by Big Village, surveyed 1,008 adults aged 18 or older between April 17 and 19.

Of those who engaged with health-related social media accounts, 92% cited a positive impact and 47% reported that health-related social media accounts have made it easier to learn about health issues.

The new offering is led by Rahul Titus, Ogilvy PR’s global head of influence, and Caroline Howe, CEO of Ogilvy Health UK and EMEA.

Other members of the global team involved in the new offering include president of PR for North America Shannon Walsh, Ogilvy Health EVP Michael DiSalvo and North America head of influencer marketing Ansley Williams in the US; social media head Rebecca Carter and UK influence leader Imogen Coles in Britain; and EMEA head of influence John Harding-Easson, strategist Stephanie Chua and Asia head of influence James Baldwin.

The Health Influence team will help clients leverage credible health and wellness authorities to increase disease awareness, engage hard-to-reach communities and build trust and engagement with a variety of stakeholders, the agency said.

Services range from strategic guidance in dealing with influencers at the brand, therapeutic and corporate level to the identification, vetting and campaign activation of influencers.

Ogilvy parent company WPP reported 2.4% revenue growth in its PR division in the fourth quarter of 2023. The holding company noted that Hill & Knowlton “delivered modest growth in 2022 with strong performance,” which was “partially offset by a weaker year for BCW. The holding company plans to publish its first quarter figures on Thursday.

This article originally appeared on PRWeek US.