Jerry Seinfeld has no regrets about Larry David viciously attacking Elmo and dividing the internet

Jerry Seinfeld is one of the best-known celebrities in Hollywood, dominating the world of comedy through his stand-up specials and shows like Seinfeld. His sitcom is one of the most iconic of all time and not only had a lasting effect on the genre, but its cast included many major stars.

Jerry SeinfeldJerry Seinfeld
Jerry Seinfeld in Seinfeld

Larry David, who made many guest appearances on the show, has returned to media attention in recent months; however, it’s not for the best of reasons. The comedian beat up a famous celebrity live on television. Naturally, he has received a lot of criticism for his actions.

Interestingly enough, despite David being wrong, it appears that Seinfeld is publicly showing his support for his former co-star.

Larry David used violence on live television

At the beginning of this year, Larry David appeared on the Today Toon when promoting his series, Control your enthusiasm, went south very quickly. Midway through the interview, the star stood up and physically attacked one of the most esteemed celebrities in Hollywood, Elmo.


The altercation was followed by the muppet telling the comedian that he was a fan of his before what had just happened. Because the segment was live, David couldn’t be saved from the backlash he would receive. Fans were outraged by what happened and couldn’t believe how someone could physically hurt a soul as pure as Elmo’s.

“Mr. Li, Elmo liked you before. Let’s talk about how you feel.” said Elmo.

Larry David attacks Elmo on the Today ShowLarry David attacks Elmo on the Today Show
Larry David attacks Elmo on the Today Show

Although David publicly apologized, the mocking of the muppet’s voice did not sit well with fans. The fact that he later said he would hit Elmo again if he got the chance didn’t help his case.

Jerry Seinfeld supports Larry David’s decision

A former co-star of Larry David has come out of the woodwork to save him. Jerry Seinfeld was also recently seen in the Today Toon, where he was asked to comment on what his co-star did during his performance. He started off by saying that he enjoyed watching Elmo get beaten in what was supposed to be a safe environment.

“No, I liked it. I enjoyed that!” said Seinfeld, “Well, even sweethearts need a beating every now and then.”

Jerry Seinfield in a still from SeinfieldJerry Seinfield in a still from Seinfield
Jerry Seinfeld in a still from Seinfield

This was followed up by his interviewers saying he was a national treasure and didn’t deserve to be treated the way he was on live television. The actor then stated that icons sometimes also have to be beaten up.