‘Coming together as a family’: Celebrating Philippine Food Month in Sydney, highlighted with a boogle fight

Key points
  • The purpose of the first Longest Boodle Fight held in Sydney was to introduce Filipino food and the traditional way of eating with hands known as ‘Kamayan’.
  • 75 people attended the boogle fight in Sydney, and organizers hope more people will join in in coming years.
  • Sizzling Fillo and Filo Station prepared the food for the boogle party, and in addition to Filipinos, people of other nationalities also participated in the party.
According to Filipino Food Month organizer and founder Anna Manlulo, Sydney’s boogle festival is a way to introduce Filipino food and culture where people come together as one big family.

A part of Philippine culture, the boogle fight is a military-style way of eating where people dine without utensils and plates, instead using banana leaves and their hands.

Anna Manlulo Boodle fight .jpeg

Anna Manlulo, the founder of Filipino Food Movement Australia, is also the organizer of ‘The Boodle Sydney.’

One of those who witnessed the longest boogle fight in Sydney was Filipino-Australian Happy Ferrarin (center). She said this occasion was special because she intentionally brought her Australian friend Briana Collins (left) and another friend (male) to experience eating with their hands for the first time.

“It was really tasty; the food is delicious. I think my favorite is the pork, Crispy pata. Salamat,” says Briana Collins.

Happy Ferrarin and friends.jpg

Filipino-Australian Happy Ferrarin took her friends to taste Filipino dishes and experience the traditional way of eating in the Philippines known as kamayan. credit: SBS

Meanwhile, Vivian Lucero traveled two hours from Newcastle to Sydney with her entire family. She also said that in her more than 35 years in Australia, this is the first time she has attended a gathering where they eat with their hands.

She even added that she hopes for more opportunities like this to showcase the rich culture and traditions of the Filipinos to others.
Vivian Lucero.jpg

Vivian Lucero and her son from Newcastle traveled two hours just to attend ‘The Boodle Sydney’. SBS

One of the organizers of this boogle party, Chef Nina Cruz, who also owns Sizzling Filo, admitted that despite having organized boogle battles at their restaurant for over a decade, she feels a unique joy at showing other nationalities how delicious Filipino food is. .

Nina Cruz from Sizzling Fillo.jpeg

Sizzling Fillo chef and owner Nina Cruz was among those preparing the food for Sydney’s Longest Boodle Fight. Credit: SBS

Chef Mary Joy Magbitang of Filo Station is full of gratitude for preparing food not only for fellow Filipinos but also for people of other nationalities. She noted that food tastes even better when it is eaten with the hands.

Mary Joy Magbitang.jpeg

Chef Mary Joy Magbitang of Filo Station hopes this will further promote Filipino culture and cuisine here in Australia. Credit: SBS

Katuwang ng mga chef sa paghahanda ng mga nakakatakam na mga pagkain en kanilang mga staff sa Kusina. If you know this is a big challenge, Bali is one of the most important things you can do if you are a good customer.

boogle fight team.jpg

They are the few people behind the successful Longest Boodle Fight in Sydney. Credit: SBS

Organizers hope more people will attend the upcoming boogle fight at future gatherings and celebrations.