No overtourism in NRW – but sometimes full places – news

Winterberg emphasizes the economic importance of tourism

In Winterberg in the Sauerland you can enjoy the tourist peak moments in peace. “Especially in winter, tourist demand is very high due to our attractive winter sports offer, the basin of the Ruhr area, the Rhineland and Hesse and the proximity to the Netherlands, but is generally not overloaded,” says Winfried Borgmann, Managing Director of Winterberg Tourism and Economy GmbH at the WDR.

At the same time, he points to a modern park guidance system and that guests would be evenly distributed across the winter sports areas. Acceptance by the population is very high due to the economic importance of tourism.

Go to new destinations to take into account entire vacation locations

As a tourist, there are ways to take into account crowded places and the local population. Tourism researcher Jürgen Schmude suggested on Thursday (April 25) in the ARD morning magazine to travel outside the high season and go to destinations “for which there is not yet much demand, but which are very attractive.”

Tourism researcher Mandelartz suggests visiting another Dutch city instead of Amsterdam: Leeuwarden, a city “quite similar to Amsterdam, but quite undeveloped for tourism.” It is a good alternative to the busy capital.

If you are traveling in North Rhine-Westphalia and are heading to a sight or museum that turns out to be too full, you can look for alternatives through an offer from the tourist association. The Internet offer “Discover your NRW” proposes nearby excursion destinations.

Tourism researcher: Admission won’t deter Venice travelers

“You shouldn’t hope for too big an impact,” says Jürgen Schmude about the entrance fee in Venice. This would mean fewer tourists would come to the city, and 5 euros would not deter many people.

Tourism researcher Mandelartz also does not believe that the daily price in Venice has an effect. He believes that it makes more sense to involve the population in further tourism planning in busy places. In Barcelona and Amsterdam, for example, local representatives could have a say in new shops and cafes. In addition, it is no longer possible in Amsterdam to expand the number of available beds and thus attract even more tourists to the city.