At what point do you leave a live route map?

I just checked back into Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League to see how things are going there during the first season’s launch, and the answer is “somehow worse than I expected.”

Despite a post-season launch pass that was supposed to fix a number of issues, one of them did not eliminating the hour-long grind to unlock Joker, and the short wave of players the game received has dwindled to literally almost nothing.

As of this week, Suicide Squad now peaks at 214 players on Steam. The lowest number so far outside office hours is 102 players. While the game never did very well on Steam, peaking at 13,000 players at launch and dropping back to just 3,000 when Joker launched, I think we need to ask ourselves the question now: “When do you release a ready-made clear roadmap for live services?

The idea was always that Suicide Squad would release content that would last the year anyway, but that still requires polish, fixes, and support, even if a lot of it is essentially done at this point. But there is a point at which you may want to consider cutting your losses completely. Considering that this is the cost-cutting measure that Warner Bros. talks about, this seems a particularly relevant issue.

The counterpoint that console numbers are higher just doesn’t resonate. Suicide Squad hasn’t been in the top 50 most played games on Xbox since shortly after launch, and Joker Season didn’t place it there either. We don’t have data on PlayStation players, as they never regained a foothold in the visible top 10. There are ‘leaderboard’ numbers that appear in-game, but it’s unclear how these are calculated, or if it’s live players or whether they count. anyone who has ever logged into the game.

A last-ditch effort to save things could be to strike a deal with PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass, something Marvel’s Avengers eventually did itself, but it still wasn’t enough to keep things going in the long run to hold. But this is still short term, and we’re talking about a game that’s barely a few months old.

The problem with the roadmap is also its nature by the road map. Joker is clearly the biggest character they’re adding this year. Over the next two seasons, Mrs. Freeze and then Zoe Lawton, Deadshot’s daughter, have their genders changed. It won’t be until you reach Season 4 in 7-8 months that the game will see the appearance of Deathstroke, a character that many players are genuinely looking forward to (myself included!). There’s an idea that Rocksteady just pulls the trigger and releases everything at once instead of spreading it out, but again, that’s not how it works. Not all of this has actually been done yet, and you can’t just do it.

There’s also monetization, in the sense that the game is now only earned through cosmetics. That’s season passes that have proven to be a brutal grind, or retail skins that have proven to be really, really bad so far. Seasons and characters themselves aren’t sold, although in this case they did put a gravel barrier for Joker that you could pay to skip, something everyone hated.

It feels like PS Plus or Game Pass is the only way forward, but I don’t think that will change anything. And with these numbers, not just bad, but almost unbelievably low, there’s no turning around if the first season didn’t solve enough problems, add enough content, or attract enough people. At this point I’d call it a day and try to get Rocksteady to fully work on something completely different that better suits player interests. I really hope that we don’t end up with any major layoffs as a result of this match.

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