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GAFFNEY — It started in 2019.

That’s when the Cherokee County Council decided to build a new animal shelter to house stray cats and dogs and provide space for the Humane Society of Cherokee County to offer pet adoptions.

After selecting a site near the former Alma Elementary School building on Cherokee Avenue between Gaffney and Blacksburg, construction on the 13,732-square-foot building was completed over the past 15 months this spring.

Cherokee County Animal Shelter

Cherokee County officials celebrated the opening of a new $4.7 million animal shelter during a ceremony on April 19.

The cost was $4.7 million. It opened to the public on April 8, replacing the shelter at 300 Yale St. in Gaffney, which had become outdated and did not have enough space to adequately care for animals. County leaders gathered at the new shelter on April 19 to celebrate its opening.

Cherokee County Administrator Marvin Bishop said the new shelter will include 10 adoption kennels.

“This project proves that Cherokee County is at its best when we all work together,” Bishop said.

The new Spartanburg County animal shelter is expected to cost $24.6 million, with construction in June

Cherokee County Animal Shelter

The new Cherokee County Animal Shelter will house 164 dogs and 70 cats.

The county owns about 20 acres along Cherokee Avenue, where the shelter was built. It was designed by DP3 Architects and built by Gaffney-based Sossamon Construction Co. Several other locations were considered before the decision was made to build it on Cherokee Avenue. The shelter can accommodate 164 dogs and 70 cats. The former shelter had room for only 28 dogs and 24 cats.

The increased capacity will reduce the waiting list for animals needing to be housed.

“From where we came from to where we are now, it’s two different worlds,” said Kelly Ellis, manager of the Cherokee County Animal Shelter. “We will be able to serve the community much better, and this will be great for the animals we will help.”

Progress continues in Spartanburg County with the completion of a new animal shelter in Cherokee County.

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In August, the county purchased a 20-acre site on Southport Road in Spartanburg for a new $24.6 million wildlife center. The single-story facility will include 79 kennels for dogs and 12 kennels for cats. Once construction begins, it will take approximately 18 months.

Cherokee County Animal Shelter

The new Cherokee County Animal Shelter in Gaffney has opened. It includes 10 adoption kennels.

In 2011, Spartanburg County ended its partnership with the Spartanburg Humane Society and sent its strays to Greenville County Animal Care. In April 2022, Greenville County Animal Care announced it would no longer accept Spartanburg County’s stray animals, but extended its agreement to take animals while Spartanburg County found an alternative.

Site prep work for the new Spartanburg County Pet Resource Center on Southport Road should begin in late spring or early summer and be completed in 2025.

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