Tourist, in his twenties, hospitalized after being pulled from the water ‘just in time’ by crew on a passing ferry in Dublin

A tourist was rushed to hospital yesterday after a life-saving rescue operation off the coast of Dublin.

The man, aged in his twenties, got into trouble off the coast of Howth last night.

A swimmer got into trouble off the coast of Dublin yesterdayCredit: Irish Coast Guard
The Irish Coast Guard praised the ferry crew who spotted the swimmerCredit: Niall Carson/PA Wire

The swimmer decided to swim from Burrow Beach to Ireland’s Eye and got into trouble in the water.

A passing ferry spotted the exhausted man grabbing a marker buoy about 1km from the beach.

Crew from the Adam Patricia ferry and Irish Coast Guard rescuers pulled the man, who had been in the sea for two hours, on board.

The tourist was treated for severe hypothermia while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

He was taken to Beaumont Hospital for medical care.

Howth Coastguard praised the ferry crew for their quick response.

They said: “Last night our team was tasked to assist one of Ireland’s Eye ferries which had rescued a swimmer attempting to cross from Burrow Beach to Ireland’s Eye.

“The swimmer, who was unfamiliar with the area, had become hypothermic and exhausted and clung to a buoy for safety.


“Luckily the last ferry of the day spotted them just in time and brought them ashore.

“We immediately provided first aid before handing them over to the National Ambulance Service.”

Ireland’s Caost Guard urged people to report incidents immediately.

They added: “If you think you see someone in trouble on or near dial 112/999 and ask to speak to the Irish Coast Guard.”

In addition, an Irish tourist drowned yesterday during a holiday in the Portuguese Algarve.

The 52-year-old got into trouble on Inatel beach in the popular resort of Albufeira, next to the hotel complex that gives it its name.

The alarm was raised just before 1 p.m. local time.

Two Portuguese residents jumped into the water to help, but also got into trouble.

They were rescued alive by lifeguards, but the Irish tourist could not be saved.

Police said his partner, who was at the beach, was supported by psychologists after the traumatic experience.

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The Irish man has not been named.

Eduardo Luis Pousadas Godinho, head of the local maritime police and captain of the port of Portimao near Albufeira, confirmed his age and nationality.