Chubby lady makes Internet users talk with her outfit, makeup transformation: “She needs to lose weight”

  • A buxom lady caught the attention of netizens after she wore an outfit that had netizens praising her tailor
  • In a video, the lady tested her clothes as more designs were added, which she flaunted in front of the camera
  • She showed the different angles of her outfit as it was made to perfection and she did the facebeat which looked beautiful on her

A lady Love Pande Kali showed that her size cannot limit her desire to look beautiful as she rocked a beautiful dress.

The golden attire had a combination of a flowery design on her chest, which gave her a fantastic look.

Chubby is wearing a nice outfit
Chubby looks confident in her outfit. Image credit: @love_juakali
Source: Instagram

She showed confidence as she showed off her clothes in her chubby body. Her makeup transformation and hairstyle gave her a ravishing look.

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Many social media users commented on her appearance and advised her to lose weight. Some people praised her tailor for preparing a beautiful outfit for her.

Check out the lady’s dress and makeup transformation in the video below:

Reactions to Chubby Lady’s look

Check out the reactions to the chubby lady’s outfit below:


‘She’s married and I’m single? Hmmm. I know what to do.’


“Polite, she needs to lose weight. I waited and was disappointed. I’m sorry.’


“Everyone is afraid to speak the truth! You can speak the truth and still be kind!”


“Exactly, she’s beautiful, confident and happy.”


“When you put yourself on the internet, you use both likes and criticism. You can’t just expect nice things. It’s that simple.”

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“It didn’t cost you anything to raise a beautiful black queen, you’re all so mean. Not everyone is the cutest to everyone. She is beautiful. Don’t be so corny.’


“The ruffles were perfectly placed. They did that with the design of this dress. Well thought out and she looks so beautiful. You don’t have to be skinny to get a compliment. It’s okay to be nice. “


“When they tell you that trust is everything!”


“The seamstress did a good job. It suits her.”


“Why does she keep rolling her eyes out of their sockets?”


“It looks like she’s having trouble breathing.”


‘I’m going to keep it real. She needs to lose weight. I’m not going to pretend.’


“Well, everyone deserves to be happy before they suffer from heart disease. At least.’

Woman looks stylish in makeup transformation previously reported that a woman mesmerized Internet users after she showed off the beautiful makeup that an artist did for her.

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In the video, she first showed off her natural face before switching to her makeup look, where she flashed a smile intermittently.

The difference between her natural face and her makeup face was obvious, and netizens were surprised.