Retrofitting makes sense, say partners • Recycling International

Retrofitting frequency converters on existing shredders is the core of a successful collaboration between Lindemann Germany and Mitsubishi Electric.

The partners argue that innovation is crucial given the economic challenges facing the European metal recycling industry. Shredders and the associated downstream systems in particular have a high energy requirement.

“The integration of low-maintenance frequency converters on three-phase asynchronous motors into existing systems opens up completely new possibilities,” Lindemann and Mitsubishi said in a joint press release.

‘Retrofitting leads to enormous savings in energy, wear and maintenance costs, increasing both productivity and availability and thus significantly improving overall system efficiency.’

‘Big win

The partners recognize new standards in intelligent drive solutions and control technology for sustainable metal recycling and have implemented several projects.

“The partnership is a big win, not only for our two companies, but for the entire industry,” said Stefan Knauf, factory automation division manager at Mitsubishi Electric. “The enormous opportunities offered by the metal recycling market underline the importance of this collaboration,” said Carl Gustaf Göransson, CEO of Lindemann.

In 2022, 45.8% of the nearly 37 million tons of crude steel produced in Germany was made from recycled steel.