Earth Day 2024: Industry Leaders Pave a Sustainable Path!

Earth Day 2024 is celebrated annually on April 22.  (Image: Shutterstock)

Earth Day 2024 is celebrated annually on April 22. (Image: Shutterstock)

Earth Day is a global reminder of our responsibility to the planet. Companies are leading the way and implementing innovative sustainability practices. Here’s a look at the inspiring initiatives from WeWork India, Salesforce and Dell Technologies.

Every year on April 22, Earth Day serves as a global reminder of our responsibility to protect our planet. It is a day to celebrate the beauty and fragility of our environment and to take action to ensure a healthy future for generations to come. Companies play a crucial role in this collective effort. By implementing innovative sustainability practices, industries are making significant strides toward environmental responsibility.

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In this industry spotlight, we explore the impressive initiatives of WeWork India, Salesforce and Dell, which demonstrate their continued commitment to environmental stewardship.


WeWork India prioritizes sustainability and sets ambitious goals to reduce energy consumption (20% by 2026), eliminate waste (90% from landfills by 2027) and obtain sustainable energy (100% by 2027). “We also aim to minimize water consumption (20 liters per person per day by 2027),” said Karan Virwani, CEO, WeWork India.

WeWork also adopted Lake Tarahunise in Karnataka, leading a number of impactful environmental improvement projects such as Bund Stabilization, Biodiversity Park and Floating Wetlands for lake conservation.

“In addition to operational changes, WeWork India actively supports environmental restoration. A good example is the successful revitalization of Lake Tarahunise in Karnataka. The lake was previously dry, but is now a thriving ecosystem thanks to reforestation, biodiversity improvement and community involvement.”

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“We implemented a multifaceted approach to combat soil erosion, manage waste (achieving 92% source separation) and promote water conservation. Educational workshops gave the community the opportunity to monitor water quality.”

Karan Virwani, CEO, WeWork India, said the company is leading the way as the only provider of sustainable co-working spaces in India, by integrating eco-friendly practices across all operations. “From energy efficiency to waste management and water conservation, we aim to set a new standard for sustainable real estate.”

“We are proud to be the leading provider of sustainable flexible workspaces in India and integrate eco-friendly practices into all our operations.”


Salesforce partners with Green Yatra, a leading NGO committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to increase urban green cover while addressing health and safety through the Miyawaki urban afforestation project in Gholai Nagar, Thane .

Sanket Atal, Managing Director, India Site, Operations and Technology & Product, Salesforce India said, “At Salesforce, sustainability is a core value that permeates everything we do. We understand the urgency of climate change and believe that now more than ever is the time for leaders and companies to take bold action. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond mere rhetoric; it is ingrained in our culture and activities. We are actively driving environmental transformation and accelerating the world towards a net-zero future through strategic partnerships such as the one with the United Nations for initiatives like Reboot the Earth, a series of climate hack-a-thons.

From empowering rural communities with sustainable solar energy solutions in Telangana to restoring urban biodiversity through projects like the Miyawaki Dense Urban Forest in Maharashtra, we are consistently making tangible steps towards a more sustainable world. Our efforts extend to empowering our employees to become agents of change, by aligning their roles with sustainability goals and providing the resources and environment needed to thrive. Together we not only envision a sustainable future; we are actively building on it, one initiative at a time.”


Dell Technologies is a leader in sustainability and focuses on reducing environmental impact throughout the product life cycle. They prioritize the use of recycled and renewable materials, with their Latitude 5000 series demonstrating the innovative use of bio-based plastics and ocean-bound plastics.

Dell has achieved significant increases in recycled content in its products (more than 10%) and packaging (nearly 95%). They promote a circular economy through responsible product design for reparability and ease of recycling, with programs such as Asset Recovery Services to extend the life of products.

In addition, Dell helps customers optimize data center energy consumption with efficient server technology and smart energy management tools.