Russian scientists are learning to record biometrics using a brain print

Scientists at the Trapeznikov Institute for Management Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences have developed a way to identify people by their brain activity. The researchers trained artificial intelligence, conducted an experiment with volunteers and have so far concluded with a 75 percent probability that every person’s brain waves are unique.

The experts discovered that the human brain generates unique electrical signals, which are recorded using an electroencephalograph.

“Unique to the extent that they form a clearly obvious cluster that a person can even identify visually,” said Daniyar Wolf, a senior researcher.

The experiment, which was conducted in 2023, involved 30 people aged 17 to 23. Specialists stimulated the brain activity of the subjects, and later the data from an electroencephalogram (EEG) were each presented in the form of images of the frequency spectrum (spectrograms), examining the differences and looking for artificial neural networks.

The scientists presented the results of their research at a conference in India. And it seems that they can already prepare not only for clinical trials, but also for business trips to other BRICS countries.

(Source: TV BRICS)