LEGO Fortnite is bringing home the bacon in the next update

More details have been leaked about the next update coming LEGO Fortnite, with another recognized creature from Old McDonald’s farm coming into play.

LEGO Fortnite There are already several creatures roaming the world, with wolves, sheep, chickens and cows getting the LEGO block treatment, and now it looks like a new farmer friend will make his debut.

Animals can now be protected in your base with taming in LEGO Fortnite.
Fun on the farm. Image via Epic Games

According to a reliable leaker iFireMonkeypigs come to LEGO Fortnite in the next update, which seems to have a particular focus on the barnyard and the animals.

Last week, leaks indicated that Animal Cookies are coming LEGO Fortnite, allowing you to tame wild creatures. But the only animal that the leaks say can be tamed are boars.

Now that the two leaks are being shared separately, it looks like pigs and boars will be different creatures LEGO Fortniteand hopefully a feature will be added later that will allow you to tame any creature you encounter.

While you can trap creatures in it LEGO Fortnite To create a farm, they will despawn and not stay there, meaning players cannot yet create a farm and live on the property – although signs suggest this will change.

This isn’t the only major update needed LEGO Fortnite in the near future. On May 3, the latest collaboration between Fortnite And Star Wars. Although there have been collaborations in the past, this is the first time that the LEGO Fortnite game mode will be involved.

LEGO versions of Star Wars skins are already available in Fortnitebut the leaked roadmap suggests that a major update is planned for the partnership, which we may see Star Wars structures, vehicles and creatures added to the game mode.

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