Where to find the best donuts in Bangkok

Donuts have become a serious business since Krispy Kreme landed at Siam Paragon a few years ago and people queued for hours. While we no longer have to wait as long to take a bite of the sugar-glazed goodness, the craze never really went away. People see donuts as potential and put their own spin on them with creams, sauces, fruit, toppings – you name it.

Whether you’re in the mood to indulge your donuts to the max, or just want something simple and sweet while strolling around Bangkok, we’ve got you covered. Don’t forget to grab a cup of coffee while you’re at it.

Some of the best places to get the best donuts in Bangkok

Brassica donuts

Image credit: Brassicabkk /Facebook

If handmade, small-batch donuts are your thing, head straight to Brassica. Famous for its combination of fried chicken and donut, this spot brings together two of the world’s most satisfying dishes in harmony. Brassica serves a spectacular fried chicken made with 17 spices (eat your heart out, KFC) and ultra-fluffy, yeasted doughnuts. We highly recommend filling the donuts with their palm sugar filling. It’s the sugar rush you don’t want to stop.

More information can be found at Brassica Donuts.

Come by dough

Image credit: dropbydough/Instagram

If you are in the area, be sure to stop by Drop by Dough. The delicate, feather-light dough, the not-too-sweet glaze, the flawless custard—it could ruin other donuts for you. For something hassle-free, you can grab some of their classic vanilla, made with imported vanilla from Madagascar (the island, not the animated trilogy). For something adventurous, the salted cinnamon sugar provides a nuanced yet balanced combination of salt and sweet. They also collaborate regularly, so keep an eye out for new, limited flavors.

More information can be found at Drop By Dough.

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Image credits: KINU/Facebook

If you’re looking for the best fuss-free, no-glaze donut, KINU should be your next step. Ari’s Donut Shop is a guru when it comes to French butter-enriched donuts sprinkled with crystals of granulated sugar. Thanks to the glaze-free situation, the melting dough really comes into its own in all its lightness. Although their original is timeless, their variations powdered with cinnamon or salted egg are also a great success.

More information can be found at KINU.

Glazed artisan donuts

Image credit: Glazed Artisan Donuts / Facebook

Donuts are made fresh every day by passionate bakers – sometimes you don’t need more than that. The team at Glazed, based in Onnut, are never afraid to get experimental with their sweet and savory creations. The “Blissful Berry Cream” is filled with raspberry cream and then covered with dark chocolate icing and some raspberries. Or if you’re in the mood for something savory, their new combination of ube and pistachio is nothing short of beloved.

Learn more at Glazed Artisanal Donuts.

Duck Donuts

Image credit: Duck Donuts/Facebook

Siam Discovery regulars are now introduced to the popular American donut chain with its first branch in Bangkok. Whether you fancy sweet or savory, you can completely personalize your donuts, from flavor to topping. Their secret is using cake flour to mix and bake their donuts fresh daily, and the ultra-light donuts are born.

More information can be found at Duck Donuts.

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Holy Donut Pączkarnia

Image credit: Holy Donut Pączkarnia/Facebook

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the pączki: traditional Polish donuts, filled and fried. The small amount of vodka infusion added to the dough before cooking is the secret that prevents the hot oil from seeping into the dough. This created the fluffy, light texture, and combined with the variety of fillings you can get, you’ll be in Polish heaven. They also offer great coffee if you fancy a cup of tea.

More information can be found at Holy Donut Pączkarnia.

UFO donuts

Image credit: ufodonuts/Instagram

Get your space blasters ready, because these donuts are out of this world. They make artisan donuts, along with coffee, and they do it well. With so many flavors to choose from, you’ll find yourself going back to this Sathorn spot again and again. If you’re feeling adventurous, we highly recommend the carrot cake, s’mores, crème brulee, and lemon poppy seed flavors. Pack them in a classic box of four and go crazy.

More information can be found at UFO Donuts.

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(Image hero: Duck Donuts/Facebook; Featured image: Glazed Artisan Donuts)

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