Mr Real criticizes Skiibii and Mayorkun amid ritual accusations from the TikTok influencer

Nigerian artist Mr. Real has criticized his colleagues Skiibii and Mayorkun in light of recent allegations against TikTok influencer Nicki DaBarbie.

The controversy erupted when Nicki DaBarbie accused Skiibii and Mayorkun of exploiting her for occult or ritual rituals. However, both singers quickly denied these claims, with Mayorkun even filing a N1 billion lawsuit against the TikToker for defamation and false accusations.

In the aftermath of the incident, Mr Real has taken aim at his fellow artists and expressed his disappointment in their handling of the situation. He highlighted concerns that such allegations could tarnish the reputations of celebrities and deter girls from associating with them for fear they could be used for rituals.

Real’s criticism suggests that Skiibii and Mayorkun should have erred on the side of caution and thoroughly vetted Nicki DaBarbie before engaging with her. He emphasized the need for celebrities to be more discerning in their interactions to avoid such controversies in the future.

In a now-deleted post on his Instagram Story, Mr. Real: “Sheybe una don spoil paro for us now. die gehs no go gree Dey folo we celeb again. Person wey una for the first check if her head is going to wear Weytin she wears. Una F up aswear.”

Mr. Real