Parents call for justice after daughter was found dead in Khon Kaen

In a tragic revelation today, the parents of a 30-year-old woman who was discovered murdered and stuffed in a bag in a cassava field, have expressed their belief that three men are responsible for their daughter’s death. dead. The couple, who are still reeling from their loss, are urgently calling on authorities to track down the perpetrators. seek justice for their daughter, Sasithornthorn, and the future safety of her two young children.

The case, which is currently under intense investigation by police, was escalated after Sasithornthorn’s parents reported disturbing dreams in which their daughter appeared to communicate details about her attackers.

The incident took place in Khon Kaen province, where deputy provincial police chief Preecha Kengsarikit gathered with other law enforcement officials to expedite the investigation into the killing. Sasithornthorn’s body was discovered on March 19 in a state of decomposition, wrapped in a bag of fertilizer and a mat, and left in a water canal of a cassava plantation in Hua Na Kham District, Kranuan District.

The victim’s father, 58-year-old Khamsai, and her mother, 55-year-old Sukon, have to care for their grandchildren, the eldest of whom is in sixth grade and the youngest in kindergarten. Khamsai told how the family had to cremate their daughter on March 21, just three days after her body was discovered.

Sasithorn had a history of not staying home regularly. After breaking up with her ex-partner, she moved in with a new boyfriend, a car mechanic, at Nong No market, only to later break up. Despite the distance, Sasithorn regularly sent money home to support the living and education costs of her parents and her children.

The last time the family had contact with Sasithorn was via a phone call, in which she said she worked and was staying at a resort.

Bad dream

At the same time, the news reporter visited the deceased’s parental home and learned that Sasithorn had appeared in their dreams not only to her parents but also to relatives in Bangkok, implying that three men were involved in her murder.

These dreams were eerily similar to the stories of other villagers, further convincing the family of multiple attackers. Khamsai expressed her wish for the maximum punishment for the perpetrators if caught, and emphasized the void Sasithornthorn’s death has left in the care of her children.

Adding to the heartbreak, Sukon said the last conversation she had with her daughter was on March 8 and everything seemed normal. However, the next morning all calls to Sasithorn went unanswered.

Before police confirmed her death, Sukon dreamed of Sasithorn returning home on a motorcycle, concerned about the well-being of her children and leaving money for them. It’s a haunting memory that strengthens the family’s plea for swift justice.

Police, with evidence such as a motorcycle helmet and a credit card found near the body, work diligently to arrest those responsible for this heinous crime, as a community mourns and a family awaits closure.

Authorities are being urged to leave no stone unturned in their quest to bring Sasithornthorn’s killers to justice and restore a sense of security to the grief-stricken family and the local community as a whole, Khaosod reported.

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