Ronil Goa by Hyatt Hotel embraces sustainable practices in its guest and colleague areas

Ronil Goa, Hyatt Hotel’s first JdV in India and Southwest Asia, is committed to sustainability in the colleague and guest areas. From biodegradable guest amenities to large format dispensers in the bathrooms, VRV systems, motion sensor lighting, water recycling to wooden key cards and supporting and collaborating with local communities and vendors – here sustainability is not a program but a way of life.

Everything we do at the first JdV by Hyatt property – Ronil Goa is designed around our commitment to World of Care – Hyatt’s global approach to advancing care for the planet, its people and business. At the first JdV by Hyatt hotel in India, we have ensured that we not only embrace sustainability as a way of life, but also support local businesses that are committed to sustainability.” said Pratiti Rajpal, Managing Director of Ronil Goa – part of JdV by Hyatt

Here are some sustainable practices at Ronil Goa-

Energy efficiency: Energy savings through the use of non-CFC equipment for its HVAC systems. Using heat pumps instead of traditional boilers not only reduces CO2 emissions, but also ensures efficient hot water production. The integration of solar boiler panels further optimizes energy consumption, increasing the resort’s commitment to harnessing renewable resources.

Waste management: The boutique resort and its free-spirited team are committed to waste reduction and recycling through waste segregation practices. By properly separating wet and dry waste, they ensure proper disposal and recycling, with a special wet pulverization machine ensuring efficient processing of food waste before it is thrown away.

Wastewater management: The pores minimize water pollution and save water through optimized operation of the sewage treatment plant (STP). Recycled water is used in the maintenance of the landscaping on the property and rainwater wells help recharge the groundwater source and help maintain cleanliness around the property.

Sustainability in the guest rooms: From biodegradable guest amenities in the rooms, large format toiletries, Hyatt’s Conserve Program to motion sensor-controlled lighting and VRV units – we ensure our guests continue to make conscious choices during their vacation. By partnering with locally beloved brands such as Tea Trunk and Hermit Coffee, who respectively package their products in biodegradable packaging, their goal is to not only support local businesses but also promote their sustainability efforts.

Sustainability in the food and beverage sector: Their unique Farmhouse breakfast concept helps us reduce food waste and ensure guests can enjoy seasonal and locally inspired dishes served fresh to their taste. Eco-friendly packaging made from sugarcane pulp, recycled paper bags, biodegradable straws, wooden stirrers and coconut straws are some of the current examples. To reduce the use of plastic water bottles, we serve RO water at all our dining outlets – Ronil Bistro, Patrao’s and The Hub. We have also installed water dispensers in our residential locations – Ronil Studio, The Loft and Stay Fit by Hyatt gym.

More sustainable practices: To ensure that current and future generations can live healthier and better lives, we have installed electric vehicle chargers on site. At the Souvenir Shop they also support local brands and organizations and try to make a difference for the local craft communities.

Ronil Goa – part of JdV By Hyatt is located on the iconic Calangute Baga Road in North Goa. In its new avatar under the World of Hyatt, this boutique resort is the first five-star hotel on this vibrant stretch and is well connected to major tourist attractions, as well as luxury shopping and entertainment areas. With 135 rooms with private balconies and countless reasons to celebrate the joy of life, this is the ultimate Goan Susegad destination.