The late Queen’s favorite takeaway worth €10 which she would send a footman down the road to collect

The former queen loved to spend her holidays at Balmoral Castle in Scotland – and when she was there, she would sometimes treat herself to a very British takeaway

The monarch would send a staff member to pick up her order(POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

The late queen may have dined on the most delicious food in the world, but she still enjoyed the occasional takeaway.

It has been revealed that the former monarch always ordered the same tasty treat when she stayed at her beloved Scottish retreat, Balmoral, and sent a footman to collect her order.

An insider previously confirmed to Fabulous: “She treated herself to fish and chips very occasionally when she was in Balmoral. A footman will be sent to collect it from the local town of Ballater.”

Her Majesty also enjoyed a kebab in the past, according to Hello! magazine. Royal correspondent Jayne Seymour revealed that Krazy Kebabs takeaway in Swaffham had been given a telephone delivery order from Sandringham House.

The delivery person told Jayne, “I assumed the food was for a servant. But when I arrived at the entrance, a butler took it and said it was for the queen. I hope she enjoyed it – we’re renowned for the best kebabs in Norfolk.”

Prince William is now known as a fan of the fast food chain Nandos. During the BBC documentary Football, Prince William and Our Mental Health, which aired in May 2020, the royal declared: “Everyone loves a Nando’s”, before adding that it had been a while since he had treated himself to a burger or pitta.

He joked: “In fact the police officer dealing with me again (today) is the one who gets me the Nando’s all the time. It’s his fault.”

And in 2017, Princess Kate revealed her top takeaway during a chat with Prince William on BBC Radio 1. Kate said: “Curry, for sure,” before clarifying that William wouldn’t be eating it with her as he’s not a fan of spicy to eat.