Al Hamriyah to control harmful pests after heavy rains

Sharjah24: Al Hamriyah Municipality launched a series of public health campaigns to combat pests and insects such as mosquitoes, flies and rodents that carry diseases, following heavy rains and exceptional weather conditions in the area. The campaigns were carried out by specialists from the public health pest control department of the municipality, to carry out integrated pest management operations in the field of health care, classify samples, test the effectiveness of pesticides and vaccines used for prevention purposes , and implement programs for pest control research and monitoring. public health plagues in the region.
The Director of Al Hamriyah Municipality, Mubarak Rashid Al Shamsi, confirmed that the teams will work to launch educational and awareness measures as part of the municipality’s strategy to maintain a clean, safe and sustainable environment in the region. The teams will also spray gardens, public facilities, homes, residential areas and commercial buildings with approved pesticides that are safe for the individual and the environment, and are recommended based on the type of insects and the extent of their spread.

Al Shamsi stressed that the municipality has made intensive efforts to limit the spread of pests harmful to health and has developed control methods that are in line with the health policy of the Emirate of Sharjah and its requirements in the areas of environment, health, and public safety. The municipality has also carried out inspection and prevention campaigns for sites infested with mosquitoes and other insects, in addition to insect and reptile control in various areas and locations in Hamriyah.

During the implementation of the campaign, Al Hamriyah Municipality used spraying equipment and modern technologies covering high places, roofs of buildings, cooling vents and places in a humid and rich environment for the spread of insects, to more effectively combat pests and protect the environment. the environment for a longer period of time.