EU foreign ministers meet to tackle Ukraine’s air defense crisis and Middle East crisis

European Union Foreign Ministers met today in Luxembourg for a critical meeting focusing on two urgent issues: strengthening Ukraine’s air defense capabilities and expanding sanctions against Iran. While discussions are expected to include the ongoing war in Sudan, particular attention will be paid to conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East.

The urgency of the situation in Ukraine has escalated as a result of Russia’s intensified air strikes on Ukrainian energy infrastructure and other key installations. As a result, European governments are facing increasing pressure to supply Kiev with vital air defense systems, especially the US-made Patriot missiles.

Momentum in Kiev received a significant boost this weekend when the US House of Representatives approved a financing package worth more than $60 billion. However, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg are urging European countries to step up their efforts in supplying Ukraine with weapons, especially air defense systems feed.

In the aftermath of a video conference between NATO defense ministers and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Secretary General Stoltenberg expressed his expectations about upcoming announcements. He emphasized that NATO has identified existing capabilities across the alliance that could be deployed to support Ukraine, including systems such as France’s SAMP/T.

Germany stands out as the only EU member state that has promised Ukraine an additional Patriot system in response to Kiev’s calls. Alongside their Ukrainian counterparts, European Defense Ministers will also take part in the Foreign Ministers’ Meeting before shifting focus to tackling the crisis in the Middle East.

Source: ANA-MPA / Translated by: Konstantinos Menyktas