Jackson Wang and other stars showed up for LV’s Shanghai Show

Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Fall 2024 show in Shanghai on April 18 marked the debut of the Louis Vuitton Voyager Shows, a rebranding of the house’s runway showcase. The womenswear collection not only showcased the brand’s signature travel ethos, but was also intended to underline its enduring relationship with China, more than 30 years after the debut of the first store at Beijing’s Peninsula Hotel in 1992.

Louis Vuitton before fall 2024

Credit:Louis Vuitton

A jacket from the collection has Sun Yitian’s tiger design. Before the Beijing-based artist rose to fame as a Louis Vuitton collaborator, she was recognized in China as an “It” artist who painted decapitated Ken dolls, which looked eerily captivating.

In an effort to provide this collection with a vibrant and cheerful tribute to Chinese youth, Louis Vuitton collaborated with young contemporary artist Sun Yitian, whose creations adorned several silhouettes. Check out the outfits worn by the celebrities who attended the show, from Jackson Wang to Cate Blanchett.