NEWS: Global call to action on Earth Day

Planet vs plastics, earth day 2024 concept 3d tree background.  A bottle of water with a green forest in it, the idea is to recycle old plastic bottles, think green.

As reported by Earth Day, today is Earth Day, a global environmental event that highlights the urgent need for conservation and sustainable practices, a widespread initiative launched to dramatically reduce plastic pollution

This year’s campaign, called ‘Planet vs. Plastics’, seeks to unite different sectors of society – including students, parents, businesses, governments and non-governmental organizations – in a concerted effort to reduce plastic production by 60% over the next two years. decades.

The initiative outlines several ambitious goals aimed at mitigating the environmental and health impacts of plastics. These include raising public awareness of the harmful effects of plastics, phasing out all single-use plastics by 2030, advocating a rapid end to plastics and encouraging the development of alternative materials through investments in innovative technologies .

Furthermore, the campaign aims to secure a commitment to eliminate single-use plastics in the United Nations Convention on Plastic Pollution by 2024, underscoring the global nature of this challenge and the collective action needed to tackle it to deal with.

Through these efforts, EARTHDAY.ORG and its partners hope to create a sustainable future, free from the environmental degradation caused by plastic pollution, ensuring the health of the planet for current and future generations.

To find out more about Planet versus plastics and join the movement for a plastic-free future, visit: Earth Day 2024. To educate yourself on the impact of plastic on human health, check out the Plastics Health Research Module and EARTHDAY.ORG’s Earth Hub for all fact sheets, toolkits , press releases and articles.

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