Family of 8 ‘ordered the most expensive things on the menu’ then left without paying a bill of £329

A restaurant boss is ‘devastated’ after a family of eight ordered the ‘most expensive things on the menu’ and then made a run for it without paying the £329 bill.

The group was seen on CCTV after ordering expensive T-bone steaks and other similar expensive items from the family businesses. The party of four adults and four children – including a baby in a high chair – ate £329 worth of food and drink at the newly opened Sicilian restaurant Bella Ciao Swansea in Wales before ‘doing a run’.

The restaurant took to Facebook to shame the family, sharing CCTV footage and footage. They called the family’s actions ‘disgusting’ and claimed they used a fake phone number to book, before pulling off a botched credit card trick when it came time to pay.


Bella Ciao, which only opened last week, wrote: “To the family who left the restaurant tonight without paying the £329 bill, shame on you!! The lady tried to pay with a savings account card, but it was declined twice. She then said her son would wait inside while she went outside to get her “other card.”

“Of course she doesn’t come back and then the son gets a call and says he has to go for a run. We couldn’t contact you because the number you used to book was fake!

“So we had no choice but to report it to the police. Doing this to anyone is disgusting, but to do this to a newly opened restaurant is even worse!”

Dine and dash family of eight shamed on social media for running off without paying £329 bill

South Wales Police are now investigating the incident. Meanwhile, the Facebook post has been widely shared on other social media platforms, including X (formerly Twitter), attracting millions of views and thousands of comments.