Rainbow crossing painted over: Six accused in Gisborne incidents plead not guilty

By Chris Taewa from NZ Herald

A rainbow pedestrian crossing has been painted over by members of Destiny Church in Gisborne

Photo: RNZ/Angus Dreaver

Six people charged with offenses linked to the rainbow crossing on Gladstone Road today pleaded not guilty at Gisborne District Court.

The alleged violations relate to incidents on various dates over the past month.

Leighton Packer, 45, is accused along with Ernest Murray Packer, 46, Wayne Pohatu, 50, and Christopher Robert Fawcett of deliberately damaging (by painting over) a Gisborne District Council rainbow street painting on March 25.

Leighton and Ernest Packer, along with William Montgomery Gosset Grace, 54, and James Stanley Mikara, 45, are charged with preparing to commit a criminal offense at the same location on March 27.

The defendants will appear again on May 29 for separate hearings – one for each charge.

– This story was originally published by the New Zealand herald.