The digital fashion disruptors driving inclusivity in the cybersphere

Queer people are often at the heart of innovation – and this feels no different. How important is it to both of you to put LGBTQIA+ people at the center of what you create?

Historically, there has always been cultural osmosis that comes directly from queer stories. The former others and outsiders are truly the driving force behind fashion and innovation. We are a queer team, our values ​​extend throughout the recruitment process. An important part of the work is converting characterization into representation. We believe that the voices of individuals from cultural backgrounds should be the voices within the design process, as that has not happened. For example, collaborating with Daz3D to create a non-binary digital dual avatar is a testament to this commitment, where we developed a digital dual avatar that enabled dual sliding genitalia, and gender non-conforming compatible digital clothing.

Users should not demand to be recorded; the industry should already be there for them, ready and waiting. Placing LGBTQI+ individuals at the center of our creative process is of utmost importance, as their experiences, often characterized by a rich range of resilience and innovation, give our projects unparalleled depth and perspective. By amplifying these voices we don’t just create digital fashion; we foster a space where every identity is celebrated and valued.

Where do you see the current ‘traditional’ fashion industry in 10 years?

In ten years’ time, we will see a fashion industry transformed by the embrace of digital and sustainable practices. No single brand can solve fashion’s sustainability problem, but together as an industry we can take conscious steps towards a cleaner future. The integration of AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and on-demand production will blur the boundaries between digital and physical fashion, leading to a more inclusive, diverse and environmentally responsible industry.

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