Suits star Abigail Spencer takes to Instagram with a limited edition gift from the Duchess of Sussex

Meghan Markle’s close friend and former Suits co-star Abigail Spencer has received a limited-edition jar of the Duchess of Sussex’s very own American Riviera Orchard strawberry jam.

American Riviera Orchard is the Duchess of Sussex’s new lifestyle brand that she is promoting with her signature homemade jam.

Meghan’s brand now has more than 600,000 followers on Instagram, while the company’s website asks visitors to enter their email address to join a waiting list.

Ms Spencer is one of just 50 people to receive the limited-edition jam ahead of the launch of Meghan’s brand in the coming months.

She joins stars like Mindy Kaling, Delfina Blaquier and Tracy Robbins, who also shared photos of their limited edition jams on social media.

With the rare gift on Instagram, in the form of a playful photo shoot, the former Suits star wrote to her followers: “This jam is my jam”.

“A wonderful taste of what is to come… love you so M,” she wrote.

Ms Spencer uploaded several photos of herself next to her dog holding the jam in a ceramic bowl with lemons.

The Grey’s Anatomy star’s post caught the attention of her famous counterparts, with The Office star Mindy Kaling sharing her love for the post.

“This is like an advertisement for sunshine and happiness,” she wrote.

Meghan Markle's 'influencer pals' share positive reviews of strawberry jam jars

Los Angeles-based jewelry designer Maya Brenner resembled Ms. Kaling and praised the Instagram post.

“This is simply the most beautiful photo. And our Love Retreat chain collab makes an appearance 🌸,” she wrote.

Although not all commenters were as kind as the star’s counterparts.

One of Ms Spencer’s replies called the post “so cringe”, while another called it “embarrassing and weird”.

Another went so far as to question the staging of the post and the actress’s choice of citrus and floristry for the Duchess’s jam.

‘Not even an attempt to remove the worthless lemons and dead flowers? It’s like a cheap farmers market basket,” they wrote.

An equally unimpressed person commented: “I often take a bowl of fruit into the garden to pose with 😂f*****g hilarious.”

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Ms Spencer’s post comes days after she and Meghan appeared in an Instagram post in support of a Mother’s Day campaign by friend of the two Kelly McKee Zajfen.

Ms. Zajfen, who also received one of the limited-edition jams, operates a nonprofit organization called “Alliance of Moms” that supports young mothers in the foster care system.

“Thank you for continuing to support the @allianceofmoms,” she wrote.

“For supporting this campaign and our youth. By doing this, you support the mission to build a bright future for young parents who have experienced foster care.”